Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Derrick called up for a dinner after work on Monday but coincidently I was on leave. So, the dinner had been postponed 1 day later.

Last night, Saw Ee suggested to dine at El Mondo Pizza located at Krystal Point, and she told that she will bring one pretty girl to join the dinner. The restaurant is just a walking distance from my office. But, I found that the money in my wallet might not enough for the bill as Saw Ee told that I still owed her a meal. I purposely drive to Queensbay Mall to withdraw money after work.

7 o'clock sharp, I was waiting them in the restaurant. Opps, some one ask me & Derrick to be punctual as not to let "2 pretty girls" wait for us. At the end, I met the 2 pretty girls half an hour later. They were late due to an accident, sounds reasonable.

Saw Ee said there will be another girl joins us & I found no wonder she said 2 pretty girls instead of 3, coz not including her. Ha, am I right?! Few minutes later, the girl was arrived & we had the introduction among those new faces.

I ate Grill Norwegian Salmon & others ordered 2 bowl of spaghetti with a large pizza. Derrick seems like the host since he was in "talking mood" & talking non-stop. They are great in English but not me, so I just be a audience during their conversations.

End of business hours of the shop stopped us, especially Derrick to continue his talk. We left at ten.

The new friends I made in Penang, excluding colleagues, just a little bit more than the fingers of my pair of hand. Oh, sounds ridiculous to me. Hopes, I will have a good exploration when I start my new life in new environment.

This photo was grabbed from Saw Ee's friendster.
Winnie (L), Saw Ee (M), Sook Wan (R)

Happy Birthday to Yong Wei Chin aka Christina aka Nana. Happy 23th.

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