Monday, November 16, 2009


Happened in the 5th floor pantry, around 6.40pm. I was queuing outside, wait for him to wash his cup & teapot. He turned his head when making himself a pot of green tea, and he saw me.

AO: How are you?
Me: I'm fine, how about you?
AO: Busy!! Not fine, busy!!
Me: But you should get used with it already, shouldn't you?
AO: Haha, get used with it?! Hahahaha.
[I smile at the same time]
AO: Are you busy?
Me: Yes, recently studying the coding for CFO project.
AO: You participate?
Me: Ya, I'm incharge for console part of the FW.
[He smile at me and continue]
AO: Finally you get back to some engineer's design jobs.
Me: Ya.
[AO is leaving the pantry but turns his head to me again]
AO: Hope the knowledge you gained in HW jobs will help you in FW design.
Me: Hope so.
[AO is left...]

Never had conversation likes today before, talk likes chit-chatting.
But today we did... So peacefully.

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