Monday, February 18, 2008


Venue : Summer Steamboat Restaurant, Sunway
Date : 17 February 2008

This was the only "class gathering" held among my secondary school classmate during the Chinese New Year. Unfortunately I was unable to attend the dinner but I joined the second round after that. Eventually I missed the chance to meet some who I'm not meet for a long time.

The 15 days of Chinese New Year period going to end soon. I spent all the those days after 5th day in Penang; for the remaining 3 days, will stay here also if nothing out of expectation. Wow, what a boring new year!!

The days I spent my time in Taiwan during last Chinese New Year still fresh in my mind. I miss there, those places and foods so much.. But, this is kind of difficult for me to travel oversea annually with current remuneration. I wish, once in the future I can travel oversea with my family.. I have to found the way.

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skywalker said...

haiz..hope can join u guys in next Chinese New yr.....