Tuesday, May 31, 2011


The passed Saturday night 9pm, I had arrived to Changi Expo & warming up myself for my 3rd marathon event.

During the Standard Chartered Marathon in last December, I hurted my knee as I keep walking although it was painful. At the end I fainted down in the MRT while my knee cannot been recovered until now. I should give up during the half way...

So, this round I don't push myself to complete the race while just take it as a fun run.

The marathon started at 10pm, I passed the starting line in 10min later. I ran slowly but just reach about 5km my knee start feeling unwell. Therefore, I continue my race with walking.

Thanks to my iPod's music that push me walk until 14km, & I saw some BBQ pits. I took rest aside while waiting for Evan & around 15min later I met him. We care neither the result nor the cert so we make a U-turn at the next hydration station.

It took us for almost 3hours to pass thru the finish line. Oh yeah, I got the finisher tee & medal although I just completed for 28km. It doesn't matter as our mind was approached to the live telecast of UCL finals.

NO...!! VDS cannot retire from his football life with the UCL champs, sad sad sad!!

After this marathon, is time for me to visit to doctor. Hope it doesn't need a surgery to cure my knee... God bless me...

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KeViN said...

hwa, nex time join me 21km lo.. or 10km enough la.. haha