Thursday, March 19, 2009


It was a nightmare for me, MU was lost 4-1 to its rival Liverpool. Might be watching in CK house, but not watch in my lucky room, that's why it failed. I just tried to find out some reason to console myself. The time I left CK house already 10.40pm, I still have a long way to my house (from Bkt. Batok to Sengkang). I took bus to Clementi interchange, transferred to last bus of 156.

156 tooks around 45mins to reach Sengkang. Fortunately I bring along the freshly grabbed netbook, & inside the netbook, I had the photo I took during my college life. There was so much of feelings when I watch thru those photos, I really miss them.

I reached Sengkang about 12.20am & slept at 1 something. But the next morning I woke up at 6.30am, as I took part in Sub Urban Run @ North East. We gather at Compass Point & took shutter bus to the starting point. The race started at 8am.

Me & my 3 buddies, together with KP, Evan, & Jaya all able to accross the finishing line. Kevin always the fastest man among us, but this time was KP (he took wrong way to the 5KM run turns). For myself, it costs me 62mins to complete the 10KM race.

Thanks for the training our stamina were much improved, but yet a long way to go. Our SunDown Marathon competition is approaching...

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