Thursday, May 29, 2008


感激友人在歐洲旅行時為我帶回來這小片的純黑巧克力, 它的可可佰分比為73%, 不多不少剛剛好. 成份太高就很苦, 我曾經吃過一片99%的, 苦到... 難以吞嚥; 相反成份太低苦味不足.

黑巧克力通常是帶苦味及甜味, 所以苦與甜之間的對比很重要. 但也要看享用著的口味吧, 畢竟每個人有各自的喜好.

出產自, 卻從西買回來的巧克力, 可是一片不平凡的巧克力.

Thanks my friend who bought me this dark chocolate during the trip to Europe. It contains 73% of cocoa, it's just good. If the percentage of cocoa too high, it is too bitter in taste, I tried once with 99% cocoa, and I just dislike it; else if too less, it's bitterless.

Normally dark chocolate is taste in bitter sweet, but how bitter or how sweet it should is depends on the one who eat it.

Produced in ITALY, bought from FRANCE, this is a special piece of chocolate.

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