Sunday, April 27, 2008


In the weekends that I stay in Penang Island, I go nowhere but spend most of the time in my office.

Initially wanna do some display model for NEPCON exhibition usage, but lack of idea, somemore may need to discuss with another colleague in order to match with his GUI design in the VB program. Ohh, plan A cannot be executes. How about plan B?

While staying there and think I was watching movie NO PRESERVATIVE. At the end I came out another idea, but I was running out of time, already 5:30pm... Still need to go for watching football live. I just cut the paper with the shapes I need.

Last night MU lost the Chelsea, damn it... But works still need to go on. After watching the KONGFU DUNK, I continue cut papers and then sticks them together with UHU. Finally the SKIN of the model is done. The inner parts... Soon... Wanna go for jogging now.

Ohh yeah, I am rocking myself at my messy cubicle.

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